to Colere Academy! In choosing Colere, you have demonstrated a commitment to the education of your children and the skills they will need to be mindful adults.


The vision of Colere Academy is to create a school atmosphere in which students are exposed to and practice skills that will prepare them for work, and ultimately, life.

We at Colere Academy look forward to working with you to promote academic excellence and personal development.


Together we pray that God, who has begun this good work in us, may carry it through to completion.


“What greater work is there than training the mind and forming the habits of the young?”

St. John Chrysostom


Year 1: Colere Academy will operate as a homeschool with the business managed as an LLC.

Year 2: We hope to be halfway through the process of becoming an accredited school.

And beyond: We have big dreams and goals for Colere Academy once we complete the accreditation process. We will update parents on as infrastructure progresses!

Meet Our Staff

Jacque Cook - Principal
Cassandra Marschall - Teacher

Blended Peers: Multi-aged small groups working together on personalized projects.

Blended Platforms: Learning through technology, group projects, and individual interaction.

Differentiated Instruction: Instruction and learning methods are adjusted individually and proactively to accommodate the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of each student.

Flexible Schedule: Daily lessons and activities stay fresh while covering core skills, group work, movement/outdoor time, writing workshops, and S.T.E.A.M. projects.

Teacher Assessments: Daily observation, formative and summative activities, checklist of mastered skills, and M.A.P. growth assessment.

Student Assessment: Goal setting and using the Marzano scale of self-assessment to track goal achievement.

Download Our Student Handbook

The Parent/Student Handbook reflects the policies of Colere Academy for the 2020-2021 school year.