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Art Class

Personalized Learning Plan: Students will have personalized plans based on the results of MAP Growth Assessment administered at the beginning of the year. All core curriculum areas will be included in the students personalized plan with emphasis on English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. The majority of this will take place each morning.


Goal Setting: Students will have input into their personalized plan through the setting and evaluation of goals.


Collaborative Projects: Students will have the opportunity to work in small, multi-aged groups on assigned projects. During this time, student will be taught skills for collaborating and communicating with others in their group. They will be required to research, prepare and present this project to the larger group. A selection of these projects will be presented at our quarterly Student Showcase.


Student-Choice Projects: Afternoon learning will be dedicated to student-choice projects. Students will be guided in selecting topics of personal interest. These projects allow them to practice the skills they have been learning in core areas and during collaboration time. A selection of these projects will be presented at our quarterly Student Showcase.


The Arts: Students will be able to participate in workshops, online tutorials and lessons based on their interests.


Physical Education: Physical Education will take the form of games, activities, and student-directed lessons, rather than traditional P.E. classes. Students will have choices in the types of physical skills they want to learn.


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