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Week 29 Wrap Up

Last week was cold and rainy, but we are so grateful for our building because even when the playground is muddy the students still have a space to play and run around. The Littles play in the big room and the deck and the Bigs continue to play basketball or wall ball. It all works out perfectly!

Summer Programs:

In last week's email I mentioned that we are considering offering a few summer learning opportunities. We only heard back from a couple of families concerning interest. We need to begin making plans so please let us know if day long STEM sessions or tutoring are programs your student would be interested in. You don't need to make a commitment right now. This just gives us an idea of if it would be worth our time to plan and provide.

Field Trip:

The field trip to the Territorial Museum went very well, so we would like to try one more trip before school is out. With the students' recent interest in bones and skeletons, partly because of the teeth they uncovered on the playground, we thought a trip to the Museum of Osteology would be fun. It is a little bit of a drive, but it is a small museum and not very busy. We have not decided upon a date yet because we will need to have drivers so let us know if you would be willing to drive and what day of the week works best. Museum of Osteology


Last week we wrapped up our study of Oklahoma History and how perspective plays an integral part in what we think about history. The students seemed to gain a little more understanding of our responsibility to think about perspective when studying history.

This week we will begin a unit on the earth and its resources. This unit will involve a lot of science which the students love. One of the activities we will be doing requires 2 liter bottles. Instead of throwing yours away please send them to school with your student.

3rd-Middle School:

We began our novels this week and are already several chapters in. The supplemental materials I found to go with the books is really well done and adds a lot to our discussions about the books. We are also continuing to read some poetry and study the literary elements in them. As always math is a high priority. We still start the day with math fact drills to make sure they are part of our student long term knowledge. The 3rd & 4th grade along with Mosaic math practice long division and multiplying with 3 and 4 digit numbers. The 5th and MS are also working through Mosaic math while learning more about fractions, integers and decimals. Personal projects this week all have to do with world history. We still have six weeks of school left and we are going to use every bit of it!

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