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Week 26 Wrap Up

We hope everyone has a beautiful weekend and a blessed Easter.

Don't forget that we do not have school on Monday.


The 89er parade and celebration is fast approaching (April 13-17). We are excited to participate in the parade this year! Since this was a last minute decision we will not have a float, but what we would like is to have as many of the students as possible and their parents to ride on a trailer or walk with us. We have banners to carry and put on the trailer plus we already have a t-shirt ready to print once we have the order in. A picture of the t-shirt is attached. It will have the Colere Academy logo on the front and on the back it will say "Colere Academy, growing mindful students" and our website. The t-shirts are $15 each. Please let us know by Wednesday how many t-shirts your family will need and if your student will be in the parade. The parade begins at 12:00 on the 17th.


Enrollment for 21/22

Please let us know asap if your student will be returning next year.

April 7th: Spell-A-Thon

If you did not turn in the sponsor sheet please send it to school on Tuesday. Let me know if you need another sponsor sheet or list of words. Mrs. Hawkins will be at the school on Wednesday to give the spelling tests.

April 16th: Bingo Family Night

We know that 89er days will be going on during this time, please plan on stopping be the school to eat dinner and play a few rounds of bingo before attending the carnival.

-6pm-8pm at the school

-concessions: hotdogs, walking tacos, etc.

April 17th: 89er Parade

Meet us by the Scottish Rite Temple by 11:45. Wear your Colere t-shirt and sunscreen!


3rd-Middle School

We have only 2 months left and still a lot to cover! The students are working very hard to complete all the work they are assigned. A couple of days this week we used some of our collaboration time in the afternoon to complete morning work. Some students have even asked to stay in during part of their recess to finish work. We are determined to complete all of the curriculum goals and then some.

We will finish the Poetry unit by April 16th. I will email by Tuesday a list of the last books for the year. It is important that every student have a copy of the books (new or used).

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