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Week 24 Wrap-up

Happy Spring Break!

We hope everyone is able to have a little down time and refresh as we head into our last semester. The kids seem to sense that spring is in the air which makes them a little more antsy than usual.

Even so we had a good week and accomplished a lot!


One thing we did not plan on was our printer going belly-up. It was donated to us and up until now had done a great job keeping up with our copy level. However it was not made for the amount of copying we have been doing, so it is time for an upgrade. This is the one we have researched and believe will last us the longest while still beginning in our price range. If you have something similar to this and would like to donate it or would like to help us purchase a new one let us know.

HP Color LaserJet Printer


Hearing Screening: We found out this week that Ann Carey who has been helping us to set up the screening is in the hospital. We are working with her assistant to reschedule the screening for sometime in April. March 14th: Open Enrollment begins. March 15th - 19th: Spring Break March 25th: Student Showcase -This was originally March 11th, but Mrs. Cook will be gone that week -The showcase will feature student work from the 3rd quarter. Family Fun Night: We are planning another bingo night for shortly after spring break. Information about that and other fun events will be sent soon. 3rd-MIddle School The beginning of the week was a little hard since I was not there and some of the students thought that meant spring break started early However thanks to technology I was able to see how they were doing on some of their work and after a pep talk via email things stated to settle down. We began a unit on poetry which will continue when we return. We also began to address some of the lower areas of math that we noticed after taking the MAP assessment in addition to writing a second creative essay. The collaboration groups did a study of the continents and worked on biographies of interesting people from each continent. Even though we want the kids to take a break, they can still spend a few minutes each day on Adaptive Math & ELA on Mosaic. Have a great week!

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