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Week 23 Wrap Up

We enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with everyone for conferences. It is a joy to work with these students everyday. They have grown into a close knit group that watches out for each other and learns from each other everyday. Thank you again for choose Colere Academy this year. We know that situations change, but we hope to have most of our current students back next year. If you have questions or concerns about enrollment please let us know.

Upcoming events:

Now - March 13th: Enrollment for current students. March 14th: Open Enrollment begins. March 15th - 19th: Spring Break March 25th: Student Showcase -This was originally March 11th, but Mrs. Cook will be gone that week -The showcase will feature student work from the 3rd quarter. Family Fun Night: We are planning another bingo night for shortly after spring break. Information about that and other fun events will be sent soon. 3rd-MIddle School

The students were happy to be finished with testing and excited to move on to the next thing, which happens to be Lent. the students take turns each morning reading a passage from the bible and we have had some interesting discussion about what we think God is trying to teach us through the bible. So far we have it narrowed down to "hope" and "trust". We have some deep thinkers at Colere.

Katie Powell, Telena Hawkins and Pam Webb will be filling in Monday through Thursday while Mrs. Cook is out. We know they will do an excellent job. Thank you very much ladies!

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