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Week 22 Wrap Up

What a great week! Lots of sun and warmer weather seems to make everything a little better. Mrs. Marschall and I are very excited to be receiving the first of our vaccine shots this coming week. Mrs. Marschall on Monday at 8:15 and myself on Wednesday at 8:15. We are not sure how long the process will take but we will need a volunteer to help at the school during the time we are gone. Please let us know if you are available.

We would also like to give a friendly reminder that unless you have paid for extended care, 8:15 is the earliest that your student may be dropped off. Extended care begins at 8:00 and ends at 4:00. Thank you.

MAP Growth Assessment

-We are finished for the most part. There are a few make up assessments that will occur on Monday or Tuesday.

February ? Hearing Screening:

-We have not been able to reschedule the hearing screening yet. We will let you know when we do.

-A technician from Scott F. McLaughlin Speech and Hearing Clinic will come to the school to do the screening.

Vision Screening

-The vision screening went very quickly and smoothly. The results will be given back during conferences or Monday at pick up if you have already had a conference.

March 1 - March 5th: Conferences

-If you have not scheduled a conference please do so today. If the available times will not work for your schedule please let us know. It is very important that we meet with all of our parents.


February 22nd - March 13th: Enrollment for current students.

March 14th: Open Enrollment begins.

March 15th - 19th: Spring Break

March 25th: Student Showcase

-This was originally March 11th, but Mrs. Cook will be gone that week

-The showcase will feature student work from the 3rd quarter.

3rd-MIddle School

All the levels are coming to the end of their most recent novels. We will then begin a study of poetry. I will send information on a new novel to be purchased in a couple of weeks. Based upon the MAP math scores all the focused work we have been doing has paid off. I am very happy about this! Science is also an area of strength, I believe because we have scientific discussions everyday and cover a wide variety of topics through our personal projects. Social Studies is also a subject we all enjoy, however next week I will be challenging the students to improve their note taking skills. I'm sure they will look forward to that 😉

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