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Week 19 Wrap Up

Knowing next week will bring some very cold days, we spent extra time outside on Friday celebrating our 100th day of school. Be sure to "like" the pictures on FaceBook and share them.

We have several things going on next week. Please read the following information and take a moment to schedule a time for parent-teacher conferences. We will be handing out pre-enrollment information during the conferences.

Upcoming Events:

February 12th: Valentine's Day

-Send the filled out Valentine Day Grams back to school. We will attache candy to them before passing them out. Let us know if you need more. They are $1.00 each.

-Please send a small shoe box to school by MONDAY. We will decorate them in school to keep Valentine's day cards in.

-Party snacks have already been taken care of, but there is something you really want to share with us please send it on Friday.

February 8th - 19th: MAP Growth Assessment

-We are giving ourselves 2 weeks to complete the assessment in order to make sure we can meet the needs of all the students as far as accommodations. (length of time, breaks, atmosphere, etc.)

-We will do the majority of testing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so please make sure your student has eaten breakfast and is well rested.

February 10th Hearing Screening

-A technician from Scott F. McLaughlin Speech and Hearing Clinic will come to the school to do the screening.

-Please send the permission slip back to school asap

-This screening is open to ALL family members. The screening will begin at 8:30.

February 19th Vision Screening

-A technician from Vizavance will come to the school to do the screening.

-Please send the permission slip back to school asap

February 22nd - March 5th: Conferences

Please click the following link to choose a time slot. If you prefer a zoom conference please indicate that in the comment box. A link will be sent the day of the conference.


March 15th - 19th: Spring Break

March 25th: Student Showcase

-This was originally March 11th, but Mrs. Cook will be gone that week

-The showcase will feature student work from the 3rd quarter.

3rd-Middle School

Another busy week with a lot of writing and reading! We will have examples of the student's writing at the showcase in March. 3rd grade science is focused on animal characteristics and adaptations while 4th grade is studying plate tectonics and 5th/MS is learning about the different types of waves. In Social Studies all the grades are learning about the early civilizations of China. As always Math is the first thing we do each morning. Several students have mastered the multiplication and division tables through 12 and everyone else is close behind. One of the students' favorite websites is Free Multiplication Math Games | As I have suggested before, 15 minutes of ScootPad each night is a great idea! BTW ScootPad is now called Mosaic.

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