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Week 18 Wrap Up

Dear Colere Families,

I never get tired of saying that we had another great week at Colere Academy! It was a little chilly, but the students didn't seem to mind. We have one student in quarantine, but everyone else is back at school and doing well.

Next week is the first week of February and the beginning of Black History Month. During Collaboration we will be looking at some of the important historical events and important people. If you have anything you would like to share with the students along these lines please, let me know.

Upcoming Events:

February 12th: Valentine's Day

-Check you email for information about the Valentine's Day party and Valentines Grams.

-Please send a small shoe box to school by February 8th. We will decorate them to keep Valentine's day cards in.

February 8th - 19th: MAP Growth Assessment

-We are giving ourselves 2 weeks to complete the assessment in order to make sure we can meet the needs of all the students as far as accommodations. (length of time, breaks, atmosphere, etc.)

February 10th Hearing Screening

-A technician from Scott F. McLaughlin Speech and Hearing Clinic will come to the school to do the screening. Permission slips will be sent home beforehand.

-This screening is open to ALL family members. The screening will begin at 8:30.

February 19th Vision Screening

-A technician from Vizavance will come to the school to do the screening. Permission slips will be sent home beforehand.

February 22nd - March 5th: Conferences

-A sign-up link will be sent out a week before conferences.

March 15th - 19th: Spring Break

March 25th: Student Showcase

-This was originally March 11th, but Mrs. Cook will be gone that week

-The showcase will feature student work from the 3rd quarter.

3rd-Middle School

We did A LOT of math this week! Along with continuing to memorize multiplication and division facts we have been working on addition and subtraction fractions, finding the area & perimeter of rectangles, and solving for the mean & median of a set of numbers. We have also begun working with the students on learning the basics of Excel/Google Sheets. Andrea Dean, also my sister, has already spent 3 sessions with the students working on simple programing. The students get so excited when they program the system to do something and it works. We've heard, "I did it, I did it!" several times.


Please remember the students will need the next book by February 8th. Let me know if you need to list again.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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