Navigating school during a pandemic

As teachers, staff, and administrators across the world do their best to plan and prepare for educating students in these unprecedented times, it is important that lines of communication remain open in a clear and concise way. The health and wellness of students and their families, teachers and their families, and the community at large are of the highest priority.

Here are Colere Academy's current policies regarding COVID-19. Please note that polices way be updated as the CDC as well as federal, state, and local governments release new information.

Classroom Learning:

CDC guidlines will be followed.

  1. Temperatures taken at the door.

  2. Frequent hand washing

  3. Frequent disinfection of classroom areas and implements.

  4. Social distancing of 6' as often as possible.

  5. Students are encouraged to wear masks, however we will not force any child to wear a mask.

Distanced Learning:

If it is determined that distanced learning must go into effect, we will continue to provide the same services through online platforms.

Supporting your child's mental health as they return to school during COVID-19:

Here is a helpful and in-depth article from UNICEF to help prepare your kiddos for returning to school this year.

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